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KKL warehouse system®

Order placement: By scanning the item barcode

KKL is the ideal warehouse system for workshops and industrial maintenance requirements. The products are stored in a rack system, which is modular and can be adapted to customer requirements. The articles, which each have a specific barcode, are simply reordered using a scanner.

Bestellauslösung: Scannen des Artikelbarcodes
KKL - Modulares Lagersystem
KKL - Modulares Lagersystem


  • Modular rack system for space-saving storage of small parts
  • Over 20 rack modules and a comprehensive range of accessories
  • Stable packaging with chute
  • Articles can be uniquely identified via the label on the rack with barcode
  • Articles can be reordered by scanning
  • Electronic transmission of orders


  • Neat and orderly storage
  • Modular solution that can be extended at any time
  • Reduction in storage space of up to 50%
  • Items are always available
  • Clear item labeling and fast item removal
  • Fast requirements analysis using a scanner
  • Comprehensive reduction in workload and process costs
  • Inventory function
  • Wide range of statistical and evaluation options


Planen Sie Ihr individuelles Lagerregal in 3D-Ansicht.

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